Why contribute to our Fund? Why not just give directly to the charity of your choice?

We do the research to identify top charities by assessing their effectiveness, cost-efficiency, transparency, and need for funding in order to maximize the value of each contribution. We spend time with the agency and listen to their accomplishments and find out their needs necessary to be a sustainable and efficient agency. We personally help with funding that they can't get through grants, such as; PR, technology, social media, and other operational needs. Money donated from outside sources goes directly to the programs for the children. 

The agency must meet our criteria, follow guidelines and share requested information in order to receive funding. At the end of the funding cycle, a final report is required for our review.

We are balanced with the right team, at the right expense, so that the right amount of money goes to each charity. Our financials are open to the public. View us on GuideStar at http://www.guidestar.org/


baseball children fund 


                                                           EXTEND A HAND

girl who has been helped

Our team is passionate about helping children overcome obstacles that threaten their minds, bodies and hopes.

We believe that all children should have their basic needs met, but beyond that, they should have a safe, caring environment in which to live, mental/health care and nutrition services available, educational opportunities to ensure academic success, and ample food and water so they never go to bed or wake up hungry.

Our goal is to raise money to support organizations that are dedicated to providing programs to meet these needs.

We ask you to extend your heart and hands and partner with us to transform lives.