florida children foundation Who We Fund:

  • Children and Youth 0-17 That are At-risk of Dropping Out of School
  • Latch-key Youth
  • Children Living in Foster Care
  • Abused Children
  • Homeless Children
  • Children Living in Poverty
  • Women with Unplanned Pregnancies that Need Options & Support
  • Young Victims of Trafficking
  • Struggling Students Below Grade Level
  • Babies & Young Children with Developmental Delays
  • Adoption Agencies
  • Food Insecure Youth
  • Young Victims of Disaster

What We Fund:

  • Programs that Focus on Helping At-Risk Youth Reach Their Full Potential
  • Supplemental Education for Struggling Students
  • Early Childhood Literacy Intervention 
  • Health and Nutrition Programs
  • Food for Hungry Children
  • Community & Club Programs 
  • Shelters/Homes for Unwed Mothers, Homeless, Orphans, and Abused Youth
  • Pregnancy Help Clinics
  • Therapy for Children with Developmental Delays and Physical Disabilities
  • Items for Disadvantaged Youth or Victims of Disaster

Happy children fund

"Life Begins Where Fear Ends"  --Osho