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The 5th Annual SuperStar Sports Party 

Join The Libertore Fund For Children in making an impact on underprivileged and at-risk kids while casually enjoying a fun-filled night of music, dancing, food & drinks. Enjoy live music from The Big Chill, complimentary wine and beer, an open bar, heavy hors d'oeuvres, and a silent auction. Have fun making bids on incredible sports memorabilia, game-day experiences, and locally sponsored prizes.

The SuperStar Sports Party proceeds go to the Larry Libertore Youth Sports Scholarship program to provide scholarships to underprivileged youth, ages 11-18, with the opportunity to participate in sports leagues or camps that would be otherwise unattainable. 

Date: Saturday, April 22, 2023

Where: 34 Club at Joker Marchant Stadium, 2201 Lakeland Hills. Blvd., Lakeland, FL  33805

Time: 7:00-10:00 P.M.

Attire: Casual...Team Colors Encouraged 



Since the inception of The Larry Libertore Youth Sports Scholarship in 2019, with the help of our donors and sponsors, we have awarded scholarships to 81 young aspiring athletes that would not have been able to participate in sports camps and leagues due to financial restraints. Our goal for 2023 is to raise $75,000 to give more student-athletes a scholarship! 

This scholarship program is in honor of Larry Libertore, a Gator Great. He had the fighting spirit to thrive in a sport where he was seen as an underdog. He went on to become a star athlete for the University of Florida at only 5'8" tall and 138 pounds, holding the record for the most rushing yards until Tim Tebow broke his record. Larry believed that every child has the potential to succeed if provided the opportunity and that sports can be the conduit to successful adulthood. But, for so many children, sports are beyond their reach due to financial constraints and that is why we are asking for your support to reach this attainable goal.

A big shout out to our last year's sponsors...

10 Reasons To Be Thankful this Holiday Season with The Libertore Fund For Children 

  1. Answering the urgent needs of children when they need a helping hand. 
  2. Providing 35 Youth Sports Scholarships totaling $39,066 to rising stars like Jacob.
  3. The life and legacy we continue to honor through The Libertore Fund's work, Larry Libertore had a Polk County park named after him for the community to enjoy!
  4. Doug Libertore was honored for his commitment and dedication to continued Philanthropy in Florida. 
  5. Over $43,000 directly funding Adoption, Child Abuse, & Foster Care partners.
  6. $15,000 provided much-needed therapies to children with speech, hearing, and developmental disorders.
  7. Expectant mothers and pregnancy help center partner agencies received over $37,000 in funds.
  8. Josh's Benches were installed for Suicide Prevention & Awareness at 3 locations throughout Polk County
  9. Generous donations to the Hurricane Ian Relief Fund for our families and partners most impacted (the need is still great)
  10. Several Thousands of Children are impacted EVERY YEAR through your giving!

We have so many reasons to reflect and be thankful... but our biggest reflection is our gratefulness for your continued generosity and support!

Here's just one more message of hope and thankfulness a mother recently shared with us. 

"No parent ever wants to tell their kid that they can't do what they love doing," says Jennifer Reznick, a single mother of 3. Jacob, 13, is a young and talented soccer player who received The Larry Libertore Youth Sports Scholarship from The Libertore Fund for Children this year in order to continue playing on his competitive soccer team when his mother was on the verge of having to break the news to him there was no way she could do it alone.

When words aren't enough to express how deeply grateful we are for you... We believe our activity and programs make the impact you hope to see in this world. Every child deserves a helping hand, and you make it all possible!

Giving Tuesday is November 29th, and we would be so honored if you would consider making a charitable donation to further our impact on disadvantaged children. Give Here.

Wishing you and your family a very happy holiday and Christmas season. 

2022 Mid-Year Recap

We fund much-needed programming through our agency partnerships. Every dollar given is vetted by our CEO and Board of Directors to ensure our most vulnerable children, those at risk of failure, are provided the helping hand to overcome obstacles that threaten their minds, bodies, and hopes. We do the research to identify top charities by assessing their effectiveness, cost-efficiency, transparency, and need for funding, in order to maximize the value of each contribution. 

  • Supplemental Education for Struggling Students
  • Early Childhood Literacy Intervention Programs
  • Health and Nutrition Programs for Youth and Families
  • Child Hunger
  • Community-Based After School and Summer Programs That Provide a Safe & Caring Environment for Children to Develop in Every Area of Development
  • Shelters & Homes for Unwed Mothers, Orphans, and Abused Youth
  • Pregnancy Help Clinics for Mothers Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy
  • Therapy for Babies and Children with Developmental Delays, Physical Disabilities, and Mental Illness
  • Services for Youth that are Victims of Trafficking
  • Parenting Education Programs
  • Foster Care and Adoption Services
  • Child Abuse Services
  • Services for Homeless Children
  • Sports Camps and Clinics for underprivileged youth ages 11-18

2022 Grants 

Foster Care and Adoption  $32,000 - Heart Gallery of Sarasota - $32,000

Services for the Unborn  $37,500 - A Woman’s Choice - $7500 & Sarasota Medical Pregnancy Center - $30,000

Parenting Training  $10,000 - Forty Carrots - $10,000

Summer Camp Scholarships  $10,000 - Boys and Girls Clubs of Sarasota and DeSoto Counties - $5000 & Girl’s Inc. of Sarasota County - $5,000

Therapy, Food, Services  $10,000 - The Haven - $10,000

Preschool Scholarships  $15,000 - Children First - $15,000

Trafficking  $10,000 - Voices for Florida - $10,000

Mental Health & Trauma Services  $7,500 - Parker Street Ministries - $5,000 & Resilient Retreat - $2,500

New Agency Partnership

Another vital way we bridge the gap for children is by building relationships with new agency partners. A Door of Hope is a nonprofit helping the foster care crisis by helping engage, train, and increase the number of foster care homes in Florida. They're on a mission of 300+ licensed Christian homes for children in crisis this year. 

We believe every child deserves a helping hand. While we know every situation is different and unique, we are committed and passionate to helping children in need. You can help, too. Become a sustaining partner and give today.

The Libertore Fund For Children's Hurricane Ian Relief Fund  

On September 28th, the State of Florida experienced one of the most devastating storms in US History, Hurricane Ian.

The Libertore Fund for Children has many partner agencies located in the areas devastated by Hurricane Ian and we are ready to help by giving to nonprofits that are serving those children and families. Will you partner with us to give help and hope during these difficult times?

We know you are busy, so we will vet the agencies for you to make sure that the dollars you donate go directly to the aid of those in need of assistance. 

Lana Swartzwelder, CEO

Big Dreams Accomplished With Bite-sized Goals

The school year has begun and this is a perfect time to sit down with your child and plan for the year. The best way to plan is to set goals, long-term and short-term goals.

Set Goals With Your Child

  • Goals should be measurable. How else do you know you are there?
  • They should be specific. What exactly do you want to achieve?
  • They should be reasonable. Is your child capable of achieving this goal?
  • They should have personal value. Does your child really want to achieve this goal?

Set Academic Goals For School

  • Write down the last grades earned
  • Set a goal for each subject-encouraging at least minor growth in each subject
  • Write down the goals, if they are not written they are just a dream
  • Write down specific steps needed to reach each goal. These are short-term goals.

Once goals are set, a change must happen-

“Keep on doing what you have always done; you will always be where you have always been”. As a parent, your role is to support the change.

Make Study Time a Priority

  • Have a scheduled study time every day (the times can vary daily based on the child’s activities)
  • Set goals for study time

Set Long-Range Goals for studying

  • Do the assigned homework –do on time and turn it in on time
  • Prepare for class – show up with supplies, ready to learn and even preview the material
  • Study for tests – test preparation begins when class begins. Students prepare by doing all the work, participating, and then studying. Studying means reviewing old tests, notes, and the textbook
  • Take good notes – record notes given in class, rewrite notes for clarification and understanding
  • Study beyond homework time – preview and review

Manage Time-Time is a Limited Commodity

  • Time is one thing that we can manage
  • Encouraging time management is a great gift to give your child
  • Managing time is a matter of making good decisions
  • Playtime is important but should be a reward when work is accomplished-apply time rule is 15/5 or 30/15 (15 minutes on task, 15 off for a break)


  • Have a consistent place to put the backpack
  • Have the same or a similar place for completed homework
  • Touch something only once – once in your hand put it where it belongs; the permission slip is signed so it will go in the backpack or in the completed bin to be placed in the backpack before going to bed

When the long-term goals are met, your child deserves a reward that you decided on when you initially set the goals. A smaller reward along the way as your child begins meeting the short-term goals will help motivate and fill your child with a sense of accomplishment. 

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